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Vermont Camps

Vermont Camps

Vermont All-Star Football Camps

We are excited to be celebrating our 40th anniversary of hosting Vermont All-Star Football Camps.

We look forward to many more years of providing instruction, college opportunities and great fun to our fellow Vermonters and great neighbors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Canada.

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Camps + Clinics

Meet the Coaches

Varsity and JV Players

Varsity/JV Players

From Grades 9 through 12, this comprehensive camp will help prep you for the road ahead.

Whether you are an experienced player, or an enthusiastic new player to the game of football, your fun, learning, and safety is OUR PRIORITY! Join other enthusiastic, players from VT, MA, NH, and NY in improving your game and your enjoyment this summer.

Youth Players

This energized camp is perfect for experienced & beginner players alike; grades 4 through 8.

Whether you are an experienced or beginning youth football player this camp is for you! By working with our college coaches and high school coaches you will be taught the wonderful game of football and much more.

Youth Players
Specialty Clinics

Vermont All-Star Passing Academy with Alercio Oline Clinic

The Vermont All-Star Passing Academy has partnered with Alercio Oline Clinics to create an opportunity to showcase and develop your physical and mental skills at all positions.

The event will include position-specific drills coached by college coaches, position specialists and local high school coaches. There will be footwork development, position mechanics, agility and speed training, X’s & O’s of the position, one-on-one competitions and 7v7 games.

“We teach and you practice. We do not lecture, we coach with positive reinforcement. Everybody can be a champion at Vermont All-Star Football Camps!”

-Grady Vigneau, Founder - Vermont All-Star Football Camps

“These football camps are the best! There is something of value for everyone. Skills development for younger players, scrimmaging for varsity players, and tons of personal contact with college coaches!”

-Mike Norman, Head Football Coach / Rutland, VT High School

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